30 Works 30 Days

Equally excited, as I am terrified to be taking part in this fab 30 Works 30 Days challenge by 12ø. Encouraging making and experimentation, the project requires artists to submit a new work every day throughout the month of April. And if we fail to submit one day, we're out! So there are real consequences this time!

One of my major obstacles is just. being. consistent. (sounds so easy, right? Wrong).

So I am using the challenge to prove to myself - I can be consistent - because I know it is the key to my ambition of becoming a full-time artist and screen printing teacher.

To give myself the best chance of success, I will be applying the following parameters:

Medium: Hand-cut vinyl stencil hand-pulled screen printed editions of 9

Materials: Black ink, white, 9 cm square, 300gsm fine art paper

Subject: Typography

Giveaways: One work daily - the first in the Edition

For sale?: Yes, £9 each

Objective: Complete one new work a day for 30 days



The giveaway will only be held on Instagram only.

There will be one giveaway every day throughout the whole of April's 30 works 30 days challenge.

All you have to do is like the post, tag two friends and follow @relishartstudio 

There are no limits on how many you can enter, but the two people you tag MUST be different on each post or your entry cannot be counted.

All 30 Giveaways will be open from the day they are posted until the 30th of April at 23.59 and the winners will be selected randomly by computer and announced between 1st - 7th May (when I've learned to be consistent!).

Each print will go on sale for £9 so if you just have to have one, you don't have to wish and wait!

You will be able to see works being submitted every day throughout April on the live feed and by following #30works30days.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my challenge!

As always,


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