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The Brighton Print Club Ultimate Screen Printing Experience is a full pop up screenprinting studio delivered to your door which includes everything from a portable screen bed with the specially designed hinge clamps, all the way through to craft knifes, cutting mats, paper, pencils, and even a sharpener!

We are currently doing an incredible Introductory Offer of just £50! You will have to pay a £25 deposit but it's 100% refundable as long as all the equipment comes back in good order.

Nothing has been forgotten, including a high quality detailed handbook with step by step instructions containing tips, tricks and troubleshooting, plus instant WhatsApp chat with Founder, Clo for free advice during your experience. All packaged up beautifully, the studio’s are delivered to your doorstep and collected for free to BN1, BN2 & BN3 postcodes.

This is the ultimate screenprinting experience in the comfort of your own home, without all the technical equipment and chemicals. All levels are welcome - from absolute beginners to absolute pro artists, you will be catered for...

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Founded on this day 20 April 2020   

Brighton Print Club is the new face for all my screenprinting teachings as I develop a learning programme of workshops, courses, and master classes with the primary aim to #GetBrightonPrinting!

I am absolutely fascinated by screenprinting and all its artistic possibilities and am passionate about sharing its magic with my community and beyond. I want to demystify screenprinting and make it accessible to all so my workshops are designed to give you the tools and above all confidence, for a lifetime of home-made screenprinting; without all the technical equipment, without chemicals, and with zero electricity! Plus, creating and making makes you feel good so it's great for mindless, mindfulness.

I also design and create my own prints from Relish Art Studio my little space at our home in Hanover, and feel the need to separate my personal practice from my teaching, so, Voilà!

Founding mission? Get Brighton Printing with the view to expand into the go-to printmaker space (digitally and hosted by partners until we can afford a workshop!) in Brighton & Hove, to showcase student, emerging, and established Brighton printmakers as well as an ever growing printmaking encyclopedia! Guest articles and founding members will be invited soon... Get in touch if you're interested!

What's Next? / / / Lockdown Learning...

Hire a full pop up screenprinting studio from Brighton Print Club which includes absolutely everything you need for printing your first prints. The introductory offer will include, a fully kitted out portable screen printing studio you can fit on the kitchen table, my new Brighton Print Club Screen Printing Handbook, over 60 stencils to choose from, Free Delivery to Brighton residents in BN1 BN2 & BN3 and all the tools and confidence to ignite your printing passion and give you the foundations for a lifetime of homemade screenprinting.

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This is where it all began...

Brighton Print Club Founding Story

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