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Last Updated: 14 September 2020

A letter to my guests


Dear Guest 

As the world reopens and life resumes after COVID-19 quarantines, it’s important for us all to act responsibly to protect each other’s health and safety.

I have taken the decision to open up my home very seriously as I believe it is my duty of care to keep you, my guest, safe - as well as myself, my partner and our home.

I have determined the applicable Government Guidelines for my circumstances and as a result carried out a risk assessment to address the risks of COVID-19. 

Please click on the link to see the full document.


This document has been prepared by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) with input from firms, unions, industry bodies and the devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and in consultation with Public Health England (PHE) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
This guidance is designed for those who provide mobile close contact services from their homes and in other people’s homes, those in retail environments and the arts, as well as those studying hair and beauty in vocational training environments.


I am following the guidelines in each area of the guidance, but specifically:

1 Thinking about risk pg. 7

1.1 Managing risk pgs. 9 & 10

2.1 Keeping clients and visitors safe pgs. 13 - 15

2.2 Ventilation pg. 16

2.3 Client toilets pg. 17

2.4 Providing and explaining available guidance pg. 18

4.2 Moving around salons, premises and other people’s homes pg. 23

4.3 Workplaces and workstations pgs. 24 & 25

4.4 Common Areas pg. 26

5 Cleaning the workplace pgs. 29 - 31

5.2 Keeping the workplace clean pg. 29

5.3 Hygiene – handwashing, sanitation facilities and toilets pg. 30

5.5 Handling goods, merchandise and other materials pg 31

6 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) pgs. 34 & 35

6.1 Face coverings for clients pg. 35 

I have also reviewed and follow the cleaning protocol in this Government guidance: COVID-19: Cleaning in non-healthcare settings outside the home. Even though we are within my home, I am following the guidelines as though we were using a public space.

Although I can do all that is reasonably practicable to minimise the risk, I cannot completely eliminate it. For more information on what to expect, please read my COVID Safety Guidelines for Guests.

Feel free to contact me for further reassurance should you have any questions or uncertainties. I welcome your thoughts and hope we can all collaborate on problem solving together. Please use the contact form below and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Safe Printing!



Cloe Barrett BA (Hons)

Relish Art Studio X Brighton Print Club

8 Southampton Street Brighton BN2 9UT

01273 387393